IM and Chat for Business

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I like the tools that 37Signals creates. I use Basecamp on a daily basis to run my business.

I had a chance to help load test the newest offering out of the Chicago company and I think they have another winner. The service is call Campfire. It is a group chat application and I think that this tool will finally make IM and chat a legitimate business application.

I know that many businesses use chat and IM services and this space is certainly getting lots of play from the Web 2.0 folks, but, as usual, 37Signals has created a simple, non-techie, application that just works.

The reason this service will become a business staple is that there is no software to download, no client issues, just a clean intelligent user interface that will allow group chat like nothing else that exists. And, the timing if perfect for chat to find a business home.

All signs indicate that the Campfire will be burning before the end of the month (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

Here’s a screen shot from the Signals vs Noise Blog


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