How to Run an Engaging Poll on Google Plus
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How to Run an Engaging Poll on Google Plus

How to Run an Engaging Poll on Google Plus

By John Jantsch

Quick tip for Google+ users to start off your week. I got this from Guy Kawasaki, who said he got it from someone else, so I’m not sure who gets ultimate credit. Look for my full interview with Guy this week as we talk about his new book – What the Plus – I’ll also have free copies for my reader.

Running polls and asking your followers questions are proven ways to increase engagement and turn up some handy research. Currently, there is no 3rd Party app that makes this an easy task on Google+, but with a little ingenuity, you can create very engaging polls.

Using comments to create a poll on Google+

You start by creating a question and then creating the answers as comments. Once you create all the comments/answers you want you simply turn off comments so no one can to the answers and instruct readers to +1 the answer they want to choose.

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