How to Measure Social Media Like a Scientist

How to Measure Social Media Like a Scientist

How to Measure Social Media Like a Scientist

By John Jantsch


Marketing podcast with Dan Zarrella (Click to listen, right click and Save As to download – subscribe now via iTunes

dan zarrellaThere are a lot of social media marketing books out there telling you what to do. Dan Zarrella’s The Social Media Marketing Book tells you how to do and, perhaps these days more importantly, how to measure and track success.

Dan calls himself a social media scientist and employs the under the hood analysis to strategies and tactics often missing from the advice of social media gurus. His website is a great visit as well and make sure you download and read his latest free report: The Science of ReTweets.

    In this podcast:

  • Social media scientist vs. social media guru
  • What’s in The Social Media Marketing Book
  • Measuring social media results and tracking return
  • Social media and direct selling
  • Useful content on
  • Social media tools in 2010

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