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Scott Ginsberg is known by many as “the name tag guy.” The story goes that one day in college he wore a name tag during an event and decided to just leave it on the rest of the day. What he discovered was that it made it a lot easier to meet people. He hasn’t taken it off, and that was over 2300 days ago. (Ok, technically it’s not the same name tag.)

Scott was guest on a recent episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast.

Scott, of the aptly name,, is a walking, talking, grinning example of how to create a strong brand where there is none and then live the brand in every action.

He has built a very nice business out of teaching people how to be more approachable and brandable. His website is full of great free stuff and I am enjoying the heck out of his new book – Make a Name for Yourself.

Every salesperson, business owner, speaker, and generally well adjusted person could benefit from being more approachable. It’s a habit as much as anything and habits take practice.


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