Has the Definition of a Job Changed Forever?

Has the Definition of a Job Changed Forever?

Has the Definition of a Job Changed Forever?

By John Jantsch

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The current generation of students graduating from college is finding that the combination of a massive evolution in how companies go to work and the current economic downturn has altered the view of what a job is forever.

My guest for this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, Scott Gerber, thinks that’s just fine and in his new book urges Gen Y and anybody else that will listen to Never Get a Real Job.

Gerber’s take on the traditional job is that it’s like putting all your eggs in one basket and handing the basket off to someone else you no longer control how the eggs are handled. As someone that’s owned my own business for over 25 years I guess I would have to agree.

Gerber has created something he calls the Young Entrepreneur Council as a tool to help the Gen Y generation of workers figure out how to be more entrepreneurial rather than continue to try and fight their way into a system that Gerber claims doesn’t want them.

The Young Entrepreneur Council is billed as an advocacy group made up of many of the world’s top young entrepreneurs, business owners and thought leaders. It’s mission is to teach young people how to build success.

While Gerber is not necessarily suggesting that every young person’s only option is starting a company he is saying that you need to take control and become a self sufficiency expert and start getting much more proactive about your financial future rather than handing out resumes.

Gerber’s book, Never Get a Real Job, is a very practical, hands on guide for how to actually live the dream of never getting a real job by someone that’s done it. Some may find the language and informal style off putting, but he is clearly talking to a specific audience the way one friend would advise another.

Check out Scott’s Never Get a Real Job site to learn more.

I love the topic of the changing landscape and, as a parent of four of these Gen Y types, I suggest that you also check out this fabulous piece by business coach Pam Slim – Mentor the Next Generation or Risk Irrelevance

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