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What the heck, the phone’s not ringing like it was this time last year, something must be up. In good times it’s easy to get lazy and one of the first things to go is that genuine, I really appreciate your business and want to see how I can make your life better, approach to serving customers.

Okay, so customers are getting a little pickier with how they spend their money. Now is the time to reach out and get closer to those customers and let them know you are in it with them right now.

We all know we should be doing this kind of action systematically, good times and bad, so take your renewed customer focus and set-up processes that make sure you never lose it again.

Call 5/day and thank them

Go through your customer list and call 5 per day and thank them for their business. Get in the habit of calling customers and asking what more you could do – send hand-written notes. Apologize for ignoring them if you have!

Admit you’re slower

Address the slow-down in business and openly talk about ways to create win-win buying situations and offers.

Segment them

Not all customers are created equal, so treat them that way. Your most profitable, referring customers should get VIP treatment. You don’t have to downgrade anyone, just make sure your best customers know who they are.

Bring them together

Often your customers are peers and might enjoy the opportunity to commiserate with a group of peers, or at least network, over lunch.

Create a marketing board

Your best customers are probably advocates for your business, whether you know it or not. Create an informal board of your most involved customers and ask for their input and accountability in the development of your marketing strategies and tactics.

Get out from behind the computer and go out there in your customer’s world and get a better understanding of what they are going through and you can create loyalty that will bond you beyond price shopping.


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