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Long time blogging buddy Jim Kukral has created a great series called the Online Video Toolkit for anyone wanting to learn how to jump in and master the use of video for online promotion, education, and training.

You know you need to learn all you can about this medium, but you’ve probably also discovered that there are lots of moving parts when it comes to get it done in ways that are easy and affordable and don’t hurt your brain too much. Hiring video professionals to create online tools can make a lot of sense, but learning how to do some of this on your own will give you the flexibility to create great promotional tools almost in real time for very little money.

Go take a look at what Jim’s put together it is a valuable resource and he isn’t selling a darn thing, it’s just free lessons of the “here’s what works” kind.

Before you click through watch the hilarious video Jim did below just for Duct Tape Marketing readers.



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