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Duct Tape MarketingI love my twitter followers – I know a lot of people are still trying to figure out how to benefit from twitter, but from a downright practical point of view, they give me great ideas, feedback, keep me honest, point out great restaurants when I travel and amuse me when I’m waiting around in airports – oh, and thank goodness for this, they visit and comment on this blog.

So, I’m going to start giving back to the my twitter followers by picking one follower at random and sending them copy of my book, Duct Tape Marketing, each Friday.

Here’s how the Free Friday Follow works (#dtmfff)

1) you have to follow me, duh! hint:click here to do so
2) Each Friday AM I pick a random follower (I do this with TwitRand a simple script by @peterhough that uses a bevy of mirrors and secret potions to randomly generate one lucky twitter winner – simply brilliant)
3) I contact the winner and send them a book (if they already have it they give it to a friend)
4) I post the screenshot of the random winner and feature them on my blog (unless they don’t want all that free attention)

So, if you already follow me, don’t tell anyone or your odds of winning will go down. (Wait, I was kidding about that.)



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