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Why Positioning as a Fractional CMO+ is Worth It

Positioning yourself as a Fractional CMO+ is not just a title change, it's a paradigm shift in how you deliver immense value to your clients. Here’s why making this shift is a pivotal step for you and your agency:

Elevated Status: As a Fractional CMO+, you stand above the competition. You're not just a consultant; you are a strategic partner invested in your client's success.

Premium Pricing: Your upgraded status commands higher fees. Clients are not paying for hours; they are investing in a proven strategic marketing system which you bring to the table.

Recurring Revenue: With the Duct Tape Marketing system, you offer a suite of services that clients will need on a recurring basis, creating a predictable revenue stream.

Trusted Advisor: Transition from being a service provider to a trusted advisor. Your clients will rely on your expertise to navigate their marketing challenges.

Community & Support: Join a network of like-minded professionals. Engage in continuous learning, share experiences and grow together in a supportive community.

Leverage Proven Systems: The Duct Tape Marketing Fractional CMO+ System is a tried-and-tested blueprint that has propelled agencies towards sustainable growth.

Holistic Growth: The comprehensive training, tools, templates, and ongoing support equip you to drive holistic growth - for your agency and your clients.

Empower Your Agency with this 3-Step Fractional CMO Framework

  • Differentiate your agency from the competition and increase your fees by 50% or more.
  • Position yourself as an expert authority in your niche, commanding premium pricing tied to concrete results for your clients.
  • Access a network of implementation partners to handle the heavy lifting, allowing you to stay focused on strategy and client acquisition.

Learn exactly how we have helped 1000s of agencies and consultants scale with this proven system!

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If you're looking for a complete marketing system to serve your clients better and create a sustainable business that will also provide for you and your family, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Duct Tape Marketing to learn more about how they can help you succeed.

Chris Davidson


"When I first found Duct Tape, I was trying to solve a big problem in my business - a lack of systems and processes. After using their service, every new client no longer felt like a chore. Their tools helped me streamline my work and look more professional."

Robin Morgan

BGG Creative & BGG West

After 20+ years in business,  I have finally found a community of fellow marketers all trying to do a good job for our clients and being supportive of each other.

Linda Phillips Blue

Linda Phillips Blue

Clarity Web Studio, certified since 2021

The Duct Tape Marketing system has tremendous knowledge and experience, all backed by data. For those seeking results, the value is recognized almost immediately.

Robert Talac

Fractional CMO


What is included in the 3-step Fractional CMO Framework video?

John Jantsch and Duct Tape Marketing have been helping marketing consultants, coaches and agency owners grow or scale their agencies for over 30+ years. In this video John Jantsch walks through the system we use and the mindset anyone can and should adopt if they want to start to position themselves as a fraction CMO, work with dream clients, scale their business, and work less while earning more. 

What is a Fractional CMO and how can agency owners reposition themselves using this mindset?

A Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) is a professional who offers high-level strategic marketing expertise to companies on a part-time or contract basis. Unlike a full-time CMO, a Fractional CMO provides the strategic insight and leadership of a CMO without being a full-time employee, which can be a more cost-effective solution for small to mid-sized businesses.

For agency owners, adopting the mindset of a Fractional CMO can enable a shift from merely providing services to delivering strategic marketing leadership to their clients. This repositioning can command higher fees, foster longer-term client relationships, and elevate the agency’s status to that of a strategic partner rather than just a service provider. Watch the video on this page to learn how our fractional CMO framework can help you grow or scale.

What is the difference between a CMO and a Fractional CMO?

A CMO is a full-time executive responsible for the overall marketing strategy and direction of a company. In some instances the average tenure for CMOs of the top agencies was less than 3.3 years. On the other hand, a Fractional CMO provides similar strategic marketing expertise but they have many businesses they work with on a part-time or contractual basis. This arrangement allows companies to access high-level marketing expertise and strategic thinking without the cost of a full-time executive and gives the fractional CMO control over their role in the company.

How many hours does a Fractional CMO work?

The hours a Fractional CMO works can vary significantly based on the agreement between the CMO and the company. It could range from a few hours per week to several days per month. Many Fractional CMOs can work as little as 10 hours per week. The key is that they provide strategic marketing leadership on a part-time basis.

What certifications should a Fractional CMO have?

While there isn't a strict set of certifications that a Fractional CMO must have, certain certifications can demonstrate competence and expertise if one does not have first hand experience. These might include certifications in digital marketing, analytics, project management, or leadership such as Google Analytics Certification, Project Management Professional (PMP) certifications. Duct Tape Marketing has a proven track record of helping agencies, coaches, consultants and fractional CMOs succeed through our Fractional CMO+ Certification Intensive.

What is the Duct Tape Marketing Fractional CMO+ System?

The Duct Tape Marketing Fractional CMO+ System is a comprehensive training and certification program designed for marketing agencies, fractional CMOs, and consulting practices. Through a 3-day intensive training, participants are equipped with a licensed marketing system to enhance their skills, grow their agency, and generate a new revenue stream by adopting a proven model. This model enables them to integrate a strategic marketing system into their operations, grow their client base, and elevate their revenue. 

How does the Duct Tape Marketing Fractional CMO+ System differentiate from other marketing systems?

The Duct Tape Marketing System offers a structured, repeatable process allowing agencies to position themselves as trusted advisors. Unlike other systems, it provides a holistic solution including certification, a licensed marketing system, a community, and ongoing professional development opportunities post-certification.

Who is John Jantsch?

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker, and author of several best-selling books including Duct Tape Marketing. He is the creator of the Duct Tape Marketing Fractional CMO+ System, which emphasizes the development of a marketing strategy before diving into marketing tactics. John is recognized as a leader in small business marketing and has been featured in various media outlets for his expertise. Learn more about John and Duct Tape Marketing here

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