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Woody Allen was attributed with the quote – “eighty percent of success is showing up” but I would add that in marketing it’s all about following up.

follow-upMost marketers get that at the most basic level – you send out a mailing, someone asks for more information, and you jump on the phone and try to sell them something.

That’s not really what I’m talking about when it comes to follow-up. Follow-up is a mindset that must pervade every process and touch every constituent group in your business. Consistent communication by virtue of relevant follow-up is more of a way of life than a tactic.

Below are some ways that you can take you follow-up to the next level.

With Prospects

  • Use autoresponders to send a series of emails or snail mails to prospects over time. This is fine way to stay top of mind and continue to build trust. Several email services such as SwiftPage and Infusionsoft can change the path of emails based on the recipient’s action so you can deliver the right information.
  • Connect your prospects into your CRM software and add their social media activity. Few things allow you to start connecting faster than follow-up that’s informed. Don’t forget to connect with these same prospects in networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn

With Customers

  • Create an autoresonder email series that provides additional training for products and services purchased.
  • Follow up with additional company information in the form of an orientation package
  • Create a follow-up process that allows you to assess with your customer the results you were able to bring
  • Bring small groups of customers together to allow them to network and discuss business challenges
  • Send handwritten notes of thanks to every customer

With Referrals

  • A referred lead is a special lead. Design a follow-up process specifically for referred leads. Let them know they are special, make them a special deal or referral gift. They will remember this process when they become a referral source too.

With Referral Sources

  • Follow-up to show your appreciation to anyone that sends a referral your way. You can even created tiered responses – movie tickets for a referred lead, giant bouquet for a lead that becomes a client
  • Use the moment that a client tells you about a referral as way to follow-up and ask for a testimonial
  • Follow up with your referral sources by communicating how a referred lead turned out, if it was the right kind of referral, the results they helped their friend get because they referred them. This is what keeps the referral tap flowing and underscores your emphasis on results.

With Suppliers

  • Create a communication vehicle to keep your suppliers and vendors in the loop about what’s going on at your business. I’m amazed at how often this can turn up opportunities and referrals.

With Staff

  • Add a process that forces you to conduct all hands follow-up (training) that keeps your staff involved in the marketing strategy, tactics, message and results. This once a month or once a quarter event can be the best team building follow-up process you could ever create.
  • Set-up training auto responders that supplement your standard training routines.

So, what kinds of follow-up could you add?

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