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OfficeLive Small Business is an ambitious and almost overwhelming omni application. For some it may be attempting to do too much. But one thing I like about it is there are lots of nuggets buried inside it that can offer some real and immediate benefit, even if you don’t try to integrate the service in its entirety.

One of those nuggets is called FolderShare and once you set-up a free account, download the Mac or PC software, and give your customer or whomever you choose access to the online folders you create you can work on a file or your customer can work on a file and the most current version will be saved in one place. This way you can open the online file using your desktop version of your software and so can your customer, but the most current version will always be up to date in the folder. You can set it up so that you can’t both work on the file at the same time.

Disclaimer: I’ve done paid workshops for the OfficeLive Group but like all things I recommend, this is a service I love, promote and use in my own business.


FolderShare, Microsoft

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