Fire the CEO

If you are the boss and you think your job is to
run the business. You are dead wrong. Your job,
the most important job in any business, is marketing.

Peter Drucker, way back in 1956, said, “Since the
purpose of a business is to find and keep a customer,
then the only two things that matter are marketing
and innovation…everything else is a cost.”

I love it when I get a business card from a small
business owner and the title on the card says
something like President or CEO. Think about it,
how much time do you really spend each day doing
the strategic work that name implies. Fat chance.

You can’t really be the President because you’re
too busy making it, fixing, and shipping it…as my
friend [url=]Michael Gerber[/url] loves to say.

So why not make a bold move for the good of your
company and just go ahead and fire yourself.

That’s right, starting tomorrow morning, fire
yourself as the so-called President and rehire yourself
as the Director of Marketing, because that’s what will
make your business come to life. That’s what your
firm desperately needs.

From this day forward you should think of yourself
as the CMO or Chief Marketing Officer of your

So how do you do that? You become a marketing
evangelist for your firm. You must preach to your
customers, your suppliers, your bankers, and
(perhaps most importantly) your employees.

And the gospel is this.

Here’s who makes a great client [url=](Your Target Market)[/url]

Here’s what you do that makes a difference
in their life [url=](Your Unique Positioning)[/url]

and…Here’s how they can help you get to where you
are going [url=](Referrals and Strategic Partnerships)[/url]

Create a short statement for each of the above,
plaster it on the walls, and teach it word for word
to everyone who works for you.

That’s it…that’s your new job description. The
difference this point of view will make for your
business is staggering.

Now, just make sure you do a proper exit
interview so you don’t get in any hot water with
the pesky folks down in HR.


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