Everything You've Heard About Google+ Is Wrong

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Google+ ProjectNow, before my buddy Chris Brogan, who currently seems obsessed with Google+, gets riled up, let me explain that title.

It’s not that any one specific thing being professed is wrong, it’s just that it’s probably wrong for your situation. See, that’s the problem with any set of experts going on about this new tool or that new tool – They can’t possibly know your objectives, your constraints, and your resources.

So, no matter what’s being said about how to use G+, or Facebook or Twitter or blogs for that matter, you have to decide how to apply it to your world in your own unique way. You have to determine what to leave in, what to leave out. (Nod to Bob Seger)

You will find that you can come to rely on the advice and tutoring of someone that seems to break things down in ways that you can apply (I would like to think I qualify for that designation from time to time), but don’t blindly jump in and do what all the other kids are doing just because someone said that’s the best practice for some new tool.

In your quest to determine if G+ or any new tool makes sense for you, let me leave you with one powerful point of reference – first look for ways to use new tools to create a better, deeper, and richer, experiences with and for your existing customers – if you can do that then the time and resources put into any new shiny object will pay off.



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