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The whole mapping category just keeps getting easier to use. Google Maps, both mapping and local directory, recently added a feature that makes it super easy to embed a map rather than simply copy an image or link to a map. This means that you can use a map with all the functionality right on your web page. Many businesses can benefit from this tool, especially when it comes to local search.

To create a map for your business, simply visit Google Maps, conduct a search for your business (you’ve got to be in the Google Maps directory to show up – get listed), hit the “link to this page” link and copy the HTML code for your map. I’ve simply pasted that code below so the map shows up in this post, but you could put it on any web page. Then create directions in text to your business from various routes and you’ve created some nice local keyword rich content. (This is a good web content strategy even if your clients don’t need to find your office.)

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  1. I think this is a great suggestion, and am passing this on to sports clubs throughout England. I think they can benefit from this just as much as small businesses can.

  2. John, Sports teams might really use this tool – I spend a lot of time finding fields for soccer tournaments!

  3. You can even go one step further if you have a directory and an API key from Google. The key is free, you just need to register for it. Once you hvae the key you can build applications that use the Google map data in your web site. I own both an Australian and and UK Local Search business directory. These have 1.2 and 1.6 milluion listings each. I use th Google API to provide a free map service in both. You can see the system at work at http://www.UK-Local-Search.co.uk and http://www.AussieWeb.com.au

  4. I would love to see it used for education purposes. What a great way to tell historical stories.

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