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Need well designed, high impact marketing materials that are quick and affordable to produce? Look no further than StockLayouts. The company produces agency quality marketing templates for stationary, brochures, flyers and ads and makes them available on CD. There are lots of templates available but nothing, in my opinion, compares to the quality you get from StockLayouts.

This is a great way to produce the types of flexible marketing materials I suggest in the Duct Tape Marketing system.

StockLayouts offers a library of design templates at affordable prices. Value-bundled CDs, which contain hundreds of pre-designed templates, stock photos and artwork are also available. The design templates are available for both Mac and PC platforms in QuarkXPress™, Adobe® InDesign®, Adobe PageMaker®, Adobe Illustrator® EPS, CorelDRAW®, Microsoft® Publisher and Microsoft® Word file formats.

They even have templates for specific industries such as construction, financial services and real estate.

StockLayouts receives my 5 roll rating


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  1. Brian,

    Great point, and I’m glad you raised it.

    I agree 100%, tools like those for StockLayouts are not meant to take the place of a designer – for the small business they simply offer a way to get started, and enhance or simplify the work of a graphic designer.

    In helping small business owners I have tried to find as many ways to package the marketing process and make it easier – so that it actually gets done.

    It’s the blending of the packaged elements with the expertise of someone like yourself that allows the small business owner to get bit time results on a realistic (for them) budget.

    Thanks for dissing Comic Sans – it’s a classic and you know it!

  2. I know a few professional designers who raise their noses at the mention of templates, but StockLayouts has done a really great job.

    As a designer, I have used them a few times for clients that were in a bind and needed something the next day.

    But before you kick your graphic designer to the curb, remember, nothing looks worse than amateur design on a professional template.

    Make sure all of your images are hi-res and that they blend with the backgrounds. If you use their standard images, (which are of exceptional quality) make sure they actually fit with the content of your piece. And definitely pay attention to the typefaces you use: friends don’t let friends use Comic Sans.

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