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Marketing podcast with Steven Pressfield (Click to play or right click and “Save As” to download – Subscribe now via iTunes or subscribe via other RSS device (Google Listen)

Do the Work - Steven PressfieldIf you’ve ever felt yourself bumping up against an unseen force destined on holding you back from achieving your life’s work, you’ve probably met a shady villain called Resistance. That’s Resistance with a capital R according to this week’s guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast –  Steven Pressfield.

Pressfield is best known as the author of numerous novels, including The Legend of Bagger Vance, a book that was later turned into a hit movie starring Will Smith, Matt Damon and Charlize Theron.

He has also developed a large and loyal following in the creative community with his short non-fiction work titled The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles. The purpose of the War of Art was to inspire other writers, artists, musicians, or anyone else attempting to channel his or her creative energies. The focus is on combating resistance and living the destiny that Pressfield believes is gifted to each person.

After writing the War of Art Pressfield encountered numerous entrepreneurs that related to this thing called Resistance and found parallels in what an entrepreneur faces, be they a plumber or attorney, and what a more traditional creative faces.

Pressfield teamed up with Seth Godin’s Domino Project in an effort to help entrepreneurs understand and combat Resistance in its many forms. The Project is titled simply Do the Work and in it readers will learn about:

  • The things that hold them back, including a fear of success
  • How to get out of your own way
  • How to know when you must do something
  • The difference between being a pro and being an amateur

Do the Work will take you all of about two hours to read, but if you’ve had trouble identifying things that are keeping you from living the life you know you must, it may be one of the most profound books you’ll ever encounter. (Currently Do The Work is only available at Amazon)

You can listen to the show by subscribing the feed in iTunes or a variety of other free services such as Google Listen (Use this RSS feed) or you can buy the Duct Tape Marketing iPhone app. (iTunes link – Cost is $2.99) or


Do the Work, Steven Pressfield, The Domino Project, War of Art

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  1. Looking forward to this John (& Steven). The War of Art = Awesome so you have a tough act to follow 🙂 I hear that Do the Work is up to the challenge though. My copy is en route from Amazon. Can’t wait.

  2. Great interview about resistance and how to conquer fear. Although there are many ways to conquer fear, being a ‘pro’ is a great way to start.

  3. Aw, thank you for bringing Steven’s voice & ideas to us, John.
    I loved Do the Work by Steven & as my thank you I created slide-deck with main notes of this precious gift, here it is:
    I am keeping that slide-deck in front of my eyes every time, when Resistance start to shout in my head= every day that is. It might be of some to you, guys too.
    Keep on creating your art.

  4. Not sure if this is a misprint or a tremendous gift but the kindle is FREE… $0.00!! I’m reading it now and it would have been a deal at the list price for the paper version…

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