Meet Tom Shipley a Member of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network

“Before joining the network I would spend 20 hours putting in work for a proposal with a close rate of less than 50%. The Duct Tape Marketing Network has completely solved this for me by adding the Total Online Presence to my sales process. I now get paid to diagnose the problem and even better when I can retain them to fix that problem.”

Tom Shipley

Cole-Dalton Marketing Services


Tom Shipley, Principal at Cole-Dalton Marketing Services, joined the Duct Tape Marketing Network in October 2016, when he was in the process of deciding to go all in as an independent marketing consultant or return to his roots in corporate marketing.

Results Snapshot

Addition of partners has allowed Tom to focus his efforts on his top priority projects and eliminate non revenue generating tasks

Gone from project work to narrowly defined deliverables that are easier to sell and easier to implement

Able to say “no” to business that is counterproductive to his goals

Business has grown from 2
clients to 17

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