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photo credit: A Good Feeling via photopin
photo credit: A Good Feeling via photopin

I’m going to ask you three questions that are integral to the health of your business.

And how you answer them will tell a lot about where you need to spend your time.

Let’s get started.

Can you tell me the average total revenue per customer for your business?

What about the cost to acquire a new customer?

According to John’s article The Most Important Marketing Metrics these are all metrics your business should be aware of.  And as a reader of Duct Tape Marketing I’m guessing you’ve got them covered.

Now: Could you show me how many workouts you completed last month?

Not as easy right?

Now I know what you are thinking – workouts are fitness.  But that would be your first mistake to lump them into different categories.

Today’s driven; business-focused executive lifestyle focuses on priming your body for success.  It sucks, but how you look says a lot about who you are and what you might be able to achieve.

Owning the room is part principles, part preparation, and part presence.

You know the level you want to take your business to.  And tracking the right marketing metrics will help you build that business. But as Tony Robbins said, “What good is having powerful goals if you don’t have the energy to carry them out?”

Here’s how adding exercise to your day can help prime your body and mind for success.

Increase productivity with daily exercise.

Exercise helps you build that energy and endurance. It also improves mood and sleep and reduces stress and anxiety.  But you already knew that.  So what else makes it essential for the business owner?

We can all agree that Virgin CEO Richard Branson gets a lot done.  His #1 tip for enhancing productivity: Daily exercise.  He believes he’s twice as productive on days he exercises.

Exercise enhances productivity by boosting your mental performance.  When you exercise you stimulate the release of Insulin Growth Factor (IGF) and increase levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

I’m going to keep the science to a minimum here but here’s why those two are important: Both IGF and BDNF help protect existing brain neurons and aid in the creation of new neurons.

Not only is Richard slowing the decline of his mental performance as he ages – he’s also increasing his working memory and enhancing his ability to learn new skills.

There’s a reason he’s still on top at age 64.

Build C-level confidence.

Exercise involves learning new skills.  When you learn new skills you develop confidence.  And confidence helps you develop a presence that suggests what you’re capable of.

When you push yourself every day in the gym you’ll reach goals.  You swam faster today. You squatted more weight than last week.  In fact, I’d argue that just showing up is a win.

Reaching these goals helps you experience daily wins – and provides a physiological lift.

It’s the reason Media Strategist Ryan Holiday suggests exercise as something you should do every day.

“So that no matter what happens that day–at work, at home, in the economy–you can have something that went well.”

And exercise helps you develop the kind of confidence that says: “ I’ve been here before and I pushed through. I know I won’t quit.”

Here’s why: exercise teaches you how to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. And at times, both life and business are uncomfortable. But you’re ready. You’ve been through worse.

The right kind of exercise for you.

Here’s the good news: the method of exercise you choose isn’t that important.

Research has shown benefits from both aerobic and resistance training.

According to Teresa Liu-Ambrose, an associate professor in the Brain Research Center at the University of British Columbia, “it’s advisable to incorporate both aerobic and resistance training. It seems that each type of exercise selectively targets different aspects of cognition.”

It’s most important that you’re doing something.  Maybe you like yoga, or Crossfit or running or swimming. Great. All of them will get the job done.

Start simple.

Of course, there are ways to optimize your training.  I use a variety of methods with my guys at Ward Fitness Systems:  heavy resistance training, metabolic training, and energy system training.

None of those are important right now. You just need to get started – optimize later.

If you’re new to exercise start simple. Remember, this is an additional activity you’re adding to your existing obligations.  Begin with a goal that seems too easy. Maybe you’ll start with 5 minutes of exercise per day?

Use this as your introduction to the behavior.  Once you start seeing results you’ll find it easy to add more exercise to your week.

Or follow the lead of the executives I work with and outsource your physical performance enhancement to a coach.

But start tracking this metric: Exercise sessions completed per month.  And before you know it this one small change will begin to produce disproportionate results for you and your business.

BJ-WardBJ Ward is the founder of Ward Fitness Systems. He helps today’s top executives and entrepreneurs develop the strength to succeed through his online and in-person coaching programs. Find out more at wardfitnesssystems.com/blog.


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