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Marketing Podcast with Brandi Starr

brandi-starrIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Brandi Starr. Brandi is the Chief Operating Officer at Tegrita, a marketing consultancy specializing in marketing automation and strategy, and co-author of CMO to CRO: The Revenue Takeover by the Next Generation Executive.

Key Takeaway:

In most organizations today, departments are working in silos quite often competing with one another with their goals and losing sight of how this impacts the customer. The CRO or chief revenue officer is usually the head of sales and not actually in charge of all revenue.

Brandi Starr believes that what needs to happen is that those silos need to be broken down and brought together under one umbrella with a single leader who can set organization objectives by function, but that are cohesive in that they are all working towards the same goals. In this episode, we dive into how to bring revenue to the forefront and make every team’s number one objective a seamless customer experience.

Questions I ask Brandi Starr:

  • [1:04] What really is the big shift that you’re suggesting takes place in the mind of the reader going from CMO to CRO?
  • [2:38] So are you suggesting a whole new position needs to be created?
  • [3:20] How do you view the use of technology in this?
  • [5:22] It would be pretty simple to say that you’re targeting senior C-level readers, marketing-related readers to this, but is there really a broader audience that you’re really trying to target with this message?
  • [6:38] How threatening is this message to an existing CMO in some cases?
  • [8:25] Where does customer experience, which has taken rightly a lead role in everything that a business does, where does that fit, and how does that kind of jive with this idea?
  • [13:03] How do companies who have had the traditional CMO or marketing and sales start looking for a chief revenue officer and what does that new role look like?
  • [15:00] Could you make a case for the CEO actually being the chief revenue officer or does that take that person out of the role of strategy?
  • [16:27] A lot of my listeners are small businesses, so how would smaller organizations that maybe don’t have a C-Suite or CMO implement this concept or get started with this idea?
  • [18:28] Where can people find out more about your work?

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