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Purely commercial message today for those of you who wonder what the heck I do when I’m not blogging!

For many of my readers Duct Tape Marketing is simply the name of a blog or website. It is, however, much more than that.

Duct Tape Marketing is the name of a complete turn-key marketing system that is the basis for my marketing coaching practice. Until now, that system could only be acquired in a self-study version or through a guided version with me as the coach.

Introducing the Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach program

I have begun licensing the Duct Tape Marketing system to a very select group of small business marketing professionals. These Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coaches are now available to coach small business owners through the Duct Tape Marketing System.

The current group of coaches are located across the US, Canada and the UK. (Australia can’t be far behind.)

If you have an interest in becoming a Duct Tape Marketing Authorized Coach you can find more information on the site or contact me directly to learn more. The next training in scheduled for July 20-21.


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