Are You Feeding the Snack Culture

Are You Feeding the Snack Culture

Are You Feeding the Snack Culture

By John Jantsch

Wired had an interesting feature on what’s being called the snack culture. The snacks they are referring to, however, are bite size information snacks.

The idea is that people seemed obsessed with consuming information in quick hits rather than investing attention in a deeper read. There are lots of reasons for this, but as a marketer you may need to cater to this growing trend too.

I still believe that white papers and thought provoking, education based marketing materials are essential for the prospect that is ready to be nurtured in this way, but I think it’s equally important that you find ways to deliver the snacks of information that can help people begin to develop the relationship that makes them want to deeper.

If you publish a newsletter, consider a tip of the day format. If you publish a “7 Steps” how to report, think about breaking each step into a mini-report and adding a two minute audio with each step. If you use seminars and workshops to promote, produce very condensed video shorts that give the flavor. A key to feeding the snack culture seems to be interaction and rich media.

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