Are You Easy?

Back in high school being called easy wasn’t exactly a compliment, but when it comes to your business, it’s essential.

Web folks like to talk about frictionless businesses or websites as those that are very simple for the visitor to navigate and experience. There are many places your business can fall down in this regard and all perform a marketing function, for good or bad.

So, here are some common places to look and make sure you are easy.

    Are you easy:

  • To communicate with – voicemail, email, contact us page, IM, click to call,
  • To understand – narrowly defined market, simple core message of value
  • To listen to – two or three well developed presentations on message
  • To speak to – ability to listen and advise, know when to say no and thank you
  • To network with – think give before get, throw away the score card
  • To trust – consistency and content, be the authentic you, educate – don’t sell
  • To buy from – smooth transaction, delivery, follow-up
  • To work with – engaging experience, results driven
  • To refer – tools that teach how to refer, give partners way to refer – workshops

I’ve found one or more of these to be gaps in the overall experience for most small business marketers and in many cases, some strategic thought mixed with an effective process can be the ticket to enhancing your overall brand and ultimately putting more money in your pocket.


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