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This offer is closed now! Sorry

I am making 50 advance copies of my new book The Referral Engine available to active business bloggers.

The Referral EngineIf you would like to receive one visit this page to find out more about the book.

Please know that we would like you to meet the following requirements:

1. You maintain an active blog, meaning that it’s updated at least once a week.
2. You agree to blog (and tweet, if on Twitter) an honest review of the book on May 10th, 2010 or during that week. (Blogging about the book before that is okay too, just agree to do it that week as well.)

FYI – I totally stole this idea from Tony Hsieh at Zappos who is offering the same for his book due in June – Delivering Happiness.


The Referral Engine, zappos

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