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This free service allows you to list your small business marketing related events and receive some extra exposure – or, you can find lots of great marketing and small business related events – workshops, seminars, conferences, teleseminars and webinars.

You can subscribe by location or category and add events to your Google, Yahoo or Outlook calendars.

View events here or Submit events here. Get events on your mobile phone here. Subscribe via your favorite RSS reader here


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  1. This is a great idea John, i’ll be forwarding this link onto Organisations running various events in the UK.

    Mike Ashworth
    Business Consultancy
    Brighton and Hove, UK

  2. indeed a great idea, too bad i’m not living in the US.

    p.s: noticed an error when trying to use the Locations finder.

  3. I love it. Any way we can obtain the plateform to customize for our personal website?


  4. I can’t wait to put this up on my new website coming soon! I always enjoy reading your blog. Should have been commenting all along, huh? You’ll hear more from me….

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