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twitter, the micro blogging service that’s all the rage these days, becomes more valuable as you get more relevant followers to connect, share and network with.

I’ve added a little WordPress hack to make it easier for readers of this blog to connect and be found on twitter.

Starting today, when you make a comment on this blog you can add your twitter ID and it will show up in your comment, next to your name as – follow me on twitter. This will make it super easy for people to follow you after reading your comments. I know that a fair amount of my readers are also on twitter so this alone could be a pretty simple way to add like-minded followers.

So, add a comment to my blog, get twitter followers too. (Of course this implies your comment is so brilliant people will want to follow.)

Here’s what I’m suggesting for today. Add your comment to this post and keeping in the spirit of twitter tell us about you or your business in 140 characters or so and give people a reason to also click on your twitter ID to follow you. (Make sure you add your twitter ID in the appropriate comment form box. If you are a WordPress user and you are logged in you may need to log out and enter your comment so you get the chance to add your ID in the form, otherwise it will simply use your WP details.)

Full credit – the technical hack to add this functionality is from Twittip and ProBlogger and the idea to suggest a 140 character post is from Jim Connolly of Jim’s Marketing Blog – you should be reading all three of these blogs!


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