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twitter, the micro blogging service that’s all the rage these days, becomes more valuable as you get more relevant followers to connect, share and network with.

I’ve added a little WordPress hack to make it easier for readers of this blog to connect and be found on twitter.

Starting today, when you make a comment on this blog you can add your twitter ID and it will show up in your comment, next to your name as – follow me on twitter. This will make it super easy for people to follow you after reading your comments. I know that a fair amount of my readers are also on twitter so this alone could be a pretty simple way to add like-minded followers.

So, add a comment to my blog, get twitter followers too. (Of course this implies your comment is so brilliant people will want to follow.)

Here’s what I’m suggesting for today. Add your comment to this post and keeping in the spirit of twitter tell us about you or your business in 140 characters or so and give people a reason to also click on your twitter ID to follow you. (Make sure you add your twitter ID in the appropriate comment form box. If you are a WordPress user and you are logged in you may need to log out and enter your comment so you get the chance to add your ID in the form, otherwise it will simply use your WP details.)

Full credit – the technical hack to add this functionality is from Twittip and ProBlogger and the idea to suggest a 140 character post is from Jim Connolly of Jim’s Marketing Blog – you should be reading all three of these blogs!


twittier, twittip

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  1. Great idea. I am a LASIK surgeon trying to get into this whol social networking thing. Definately see it as the way of the future.

    PS: Love your blog, very helpful and informative. Thanks

  2. Portfolio manager in the Florida Keys, trying hard to save investors from mutual funds. Pls follow on Twitter as we fight the good fight. Thanks!

  3. Married to my beautiful wife, @iheartreading! I work for & in my free time I do freelance design for myself at and blog about fantasy sports at

  4. eBay Certified Business Consultant (one of only 30 world-wide), Internet Marketing Consultant, podcaster, mother of a special needs child & Twitter addict!

  5. Web strategic, Co-Founder of “Social Media 2.0”. If you have any question about social media, just ask, and i’ll do my best to answer all.

  6. Thanks John, This is pretty cool of you!
    After leaving Corporate America and starting a small boutique apartment management company, Urbane Apartments in 2003 to pursue my plans to create wealth, we ceased all traditional marketing efforts starting in 2005 in exchange for an Urbane MySpace site, an Urbane Facebook site, an Urbane You Tube site and an Urbane flickr site. Urbane Apartments and Urbane employees twitter regularly.

    To further integrate we started a Social Network site the Urbane Lobby where residents can meet and greet, trade pictures and videos and socialize on line. We manage and power a blog aimed at our residents the Urbane Blog, all designed around our target demographic local brand recognition.

  7. Blogger for and web designer for; helping clients increase their online presence and presenting internet marketing option to mid-life women considering retirement shortly.

    Love Duct Tape Marketing. This is a fine example of yet another valuable innovation from you. Thanks so much!

  8. I’ve been commenting on blogs with name as @toddlucier and linking to Twitter acct instead of blog for about 6 weeks.

  9. Great idea, Thanks John! My Digital Partner (UK based) helps businesses to improve their internal and external communications using web2.0 tools and social media.

  10. Online lead generation and lead management services for mortgage and financial services. Lots of Internet marketing tips and finance news.

  11. I manage technical contracts within the DoD and assist local businesses to market and grow their wares (art consultancies, personal shoppers wine shops, whoever else will listen).

  12. I run the interactive group in a mid-sized ad agency in San Francisco. My blog is, Hipkin’s Hip Shots, quick tips for business success.

  13. Catalyst is a full service advertising agency in Columbia, South Carolina. We serve a variety of business categories with traditional and new media strategies. We represent several banks and the number one ERA real estate franchise in the World.

  14. Starting a short film based web community to partner with a local community devoted to developing and growing in creativity

  15. A social media authority, tech blogger and entrepreneur-in-waiting 🙂 Currently doing Operations at Collactive, a social media community management company.

  16. My company provides web-based membership management software for chambers of commerce and business associations. We’re using social media to listen to (and engage) our audience.

  17. Recently launched SmartBrief on Social Media a free daily newsletter and a blog. Looking to share data on most clicked/popular stories, best quotes, and story/blog suggestions for inclusion.

  18. Personal branding through social media = relationship marketing. Build trust, learn technical & business networking skills with social media. Highlighting success stories on blog. Want to add yours?

  19. Project management 2.0, task management, collaboration and knowledge management software for effective online project communications!

  20. I use Twitter to see what everybody else is up to, it keeps me entertained during lunch. I do internet marketing during the day and at night i walk dogs!

  21. I’m the creator of a web comic called “Bolofeesh”. No long-winded posts. No brain-wrenching topics. Just single panel, daily chuckles. (Say that three time fast!) Stop by and visit the feesh. They’re friendly and have had all their shots.

  22. Lawyer concentrating in legal research & writing; entrepreneur at The Billable Hour Co. (fun gifts and cards for legal professionals). Avid mushroomer.

  23. CloudSpark helps emerging companies with strategic communication services that answer the questions of ‘What now?’ + ‘What’s next?’

  24. Family 3rd yr into an open ended world tour, living large on 25K a year. Sharing how-to info, videos, stunning pics, connecting, collaborating w/world & web2.0

  25. Marketing and business development consultant focused on startups and growth companies. Also blogging and working with Personal Branding from a personal growth perspective.

  26. I’m a writer, Internet maketer, Third Culture Kid. More and more ppl are going to be doing the twitter comment thingy. It’s a great idea J!

  27. Start-up CEO in Silicon Valley. No wisdom. Just a positive attitude, hard work, and good friends. Oh, and a little golf now and then.

  28. One Tweet does not make a friend but it’s where you start. If you’ve read comments down this far or up this far let’s get tweeting. Txs for being willing to take the next tweet.

  29. I help people create healthy, natural, lasting change in their lives and business thru education, coaching, hypnosis, NLP & other tools.

  30. Community manager at RedWire (, an online community for entrepreneurs. Check it out and hope to see you on the site!

  31. Just been sent this post via the marvels of a Twitter RT, YAY!

    I am a freelance logo & graphic designer. 20+ years experience. Knowledgeable in web design, branding, typography, marketing, social media & SEO

  32. Awesome idea! Twitter is the hottest technology to take advantage of right now! I’m a Product Marketer by day, small-time web designer by night.

  33. I am a marketing director for a soon to launch car classified site, using Twitter to get and share ideas

  34. Thanks for the Info.

    I specifialize in Mid-Century and Modern Real estate in Palm Springs, CA. I feature numerous architectural properties on my website, as well as valuable information for first time and foreign national buyers. We also specialize in Canadians looking to buy 2nd homes in the Palm Springs market.

  35. I enjoy networking with others and helping people (even in other industries or markets) achieve their professional and personal goals.

    I started in door to door sales and have worked or participated in almost every facet of the financial and insurance industry.

    Personally I enjoy flying (piloting and riding!), skydiving, hang gliding and boating. Anything to keep me in the air or on the water. I would love to network with other enthusiasts just for the sheer enjoyment of it.

  36. Thanks for this opportunity. I’m a freelance writer, covering productivity, small businesses and personal finance for the most part — and I blog all over. My personal blog,, focuses on helping freelancers create business.

  37. I am a Mystery Shopping Provider. My goal is to spread world-class legendary customer service one business, one person at a time. My company Eye On Detail has a unique approach providing customer service evaluation results plus a plan of action to get to that level of world-class legendary service. We encourage every business to use our FREE test evaluation. Don’t you want to know what your customers think about your business? Find out more at our website or tell me about your customer service experiences at

  38. solution architect by day, web designer (RoR) and online poker fanatic by night. looking to make my millions and retire asap.

  39. I bring a design focus and process to branding and marketing projects. How to deliver an experience and a message that differentiates your company attitudinally and projects your customers’ hopes and dreams and fantasies about who you are and how you can help.

    Design evangelist. Decommodification specialist. Entrepreneurial provocateur. Strategic thinker. Branding fanatic. Provocative speaker.

  40. What a great idea. I’m a freelance writer specializing in outdoors communications and martial arts. Through my website and blogs I promote outdoor activities in Southern Ontario Canada.

    Follow me on Twitter and pay us a visit.

  41. I market a product for people who have taken vitamins for years, but never knew for sure which ones to take, like the way I used to be. Do you know anyone who might like to know about a product like that?

  42. Austin, TX based music writer and band manager. I tweet about everything from new music and fun shows to (liberal leaning) political news and other internet oddities.

  43. LotusJump is a do-it-yourself SEO software featured on this blog 2 weeks ago. Great for doing SEO on a tight budget.

    Also do PPC management and custom SEO. Twitter me for a custom quote.

  44. I’m a Duct Tape Marketing Coach in Orange County, CA.

    I love helping professional service companies unleash their potential by developing a systematic approach to their marketing. Effective. Affordable. Persuasive.

  45. Hi in the lead management business. You can follow me on twitter! Also look for news in how to improve your sales, the market, and mortgage news. Lead Management is becoming more important to companies now and even the car companies are turning to get help from using a Lead Management System. Take a look for yourself and help your sales team in any business out Today!

  46. Internet lead management, sales CRM, social media hack, 4th place in 3rd grade spelling bee, and all-around cool guy. How could you NOT follow me? C’mon… ya know you want to.

  47. What a great idea. I’m a freelance writer specializing in outdoors communications and martial arts. Through my website and blogs I promote outdoor activities in Southern Ontario Canada.

    Follow me on Twitter and pay us a visit.

  48. Remarkablogger did something similar to this a few months back, and it was a great way for folks to find some worthy new folks to follow on Twitter. Well done!

  49. What a great idea. I’m a freelance writer specializing in outdoors communications and martial arts. Through my website and blogs I promote outdoor activities in Southern Ontario Canada.

    Follow me on Twitter and pay us a visit.

    Sorry for the three posts but I couldn’t get the link to work. I got a page error. Here goes one last shot.

  50. Chamber Membership Director who is using social networking to teach members how to get more efficient at face to face networking. Bribery and encouragement: those are my tools to get them out to Chamber events 🙂

  51. I love reading your blog. I’m the CEO of an economic research and consulting firm, we have unique indicators such as US monthly GDP, city GDP and more.

  52. Map-based real estate listing service tweeting about industry news and offering advice for real estate agents, property managers, home shoppers, and renters.

  53. Thanks John! Another useful post. As for me? well… I’m Helping small businesses who are frustrated with online sales, to develop a strategy which automates follow up, increasing profits.

  54. Excellent idea – if you or any of your readers would like to be twinterviewed on how they use twitter please check out http:/ please contact me via the blog or twitter.

  55. Illustrator, designer, and craftster extraordinaire who is the evil overlord of Urban Threads, a machine and hand embroidery site for people who are sick of samplers and little angels, and much prefer things like robots.

  56. I am doing well on myspace, Yelp & Facebook but have little experience with Twitter other than the fact I joined! I am glad to see it is moving along and will get back there to personalize it more. 🙂 Jude

  57. Entrepreneur and family man — the two can coexist — barely! Been involved with internet and software — and now have a current startup w/internet marketing software for small business.

  58. Love this idea! I’m an insurance professional new to social media so I’m just learning the ins-and-outs of blogging, twittering and being Linked In. Glad to have stumbled upon (no pun intended) your blog and looking forward to learning more here!

  59. SORRY… I messed up the first post on my Twitter ID….

    Check out if you have not already. This will be nice to add to it too. I am digging this hack for Twitter…Will this be released as something we can also add to our blogs?

  60. I am a firefighter and just looking for some additional income. I have taken on a marketing job and trying to get started. Anyone intersted in making some money with me?

  61. Guess I should have given my weblink. I know we are just a fish in the ocean of sharks, but, my company has a good service, 98% aproval rate, Full service merchant account provider. They are so confient that you will like their quote, they will even buy out your current contract. Does not matter who you are with. Not to seem blinded, we do accept that not everyone can get a good deal from us…but you will not know what the deal is unless you ask… 1-866-923-6915 #5029… Let us help you save some money to keep business cost down…..

  62. Living life to the fullest w/ award-winning online business selling quality cobalt blue glass, blog, 4 children, ballroom dancing, 9 Chihuahuas, and not being afraid of anything – except the bathroom scale!

  63. Hi-
    Calling aspiring business authors. I do publishing and book coaching for people who want to build their business with a book.

    Thanks for a great blog!

  64. I’m the business part of Xgineer Solutions. We are a small custom software company in San Diego. I love showing companies and people what can be done with technology.

  65. We help businesses market themselves online through the use of high quality, full screen 360° virtual tours. Check out our examples!

  66. social network! The only exclusive network for Bloggers and companies related to the Blogosphere.

    The Bloghology Social Network is a purposed network for bloggers and marketers. It connects bloggers to bloggers as well as Internet marketers/entrepreneurs to bloggers.

  67. Combing Twitter for all the retail deals, sales, discounts and specials people are talking about, allowing visitors to search for, vote on and save these deals.

  68. Great idea John. Here’s a capsule:
    CEO of Decker Communications, Inc., author “You’ve Got To Be Beleived To Be Heard”, so it’s all about speaking. Also Chair of Advisory Board of The Salvation Army in San Francisco – great organization.

  69. Ahhh- just the Twitter ID – not the URL – I get it!

    Link to my Twitter ID is incorrect above – warning to other overachievers – just put in the ID not the URL 🙂

  70. I enjoy the creativity that marketing allows- even within a system- for my window cleaning business.
    John, nice social media e-book. Got me tweeting!

  71. Owner of Avasiare Professional Skincare and Cosmetics. We are a specialty company created and founded by myself and my childhood best friend, Bonnie.

    We blog on a regular basis and are continually impressed by the fascinating people we have met on Twitter and other SM sites we use!
    Some Twitter links above aren’t working so I’ll just post ours.

  72. I am not your normal insurance broker. I help Small Business, Sole Props and Individuals with insurance – saving them time and money. People like us and trust us.

  73. Hi John

    Lovely idea to add Twitter Id to comments.

    I help business burst out of their (usually) self-imposed constraints and make more money. What’s that called?


  74. I’ve been looking for an “in.” Thanks for the tip and opportunity.

    As a green living expert, I make it easy for busy executives, armchair activists and other smart people to go green in a way that reflects your personal values. I also help organizations engage their associates in the culture shift to sustainability.

    The Green Living Goddess

  75. I own Rescue Desk Virtual Assistant Services (which offers virtual administrative support to small businesses and their overworked proprietors). I am also small-business blogger, constant student of marketing, and big fan of anything fabulous!

  76. I am a golf fitness expert working with golfer and instructors to play better golf through fitness. My background is as the 11 year Executive Director of the White House Athletic Center under Bush, Clinton and Bush.

  77. I am a golf fitness expert working with golfer and instructors to play better golf through fitness. My background is as the 11 year Executive Director of the White House Athletic Center under Bush, Clinton and Bush.

  78. Pure Game is an alternative soccer league for kids small sided, fun, full of creativity, with no adult invovlement. Let them play.

  79. Awesome tip! I help you turn your contacts into contracts across 40 countries around the globe, particularly India

  80. Wonders of the world, big, small & other; Travel, food & lifestyle writer; marketing strategist; photographer, auto enthusiast and openair tour leader every August.

  81. Young journalist and photographer working on social media sites and travel writing. Also going to the inauguration.

  82. Young journalist and photographer working on social media sites and travel writing. Also going to the inauguration.

    First post I pasted whole URL, not ID. Reading is a skill, Laura.

  83. I am someone who wants to know you–particularly if you are a fun, hard-driven achiever who is determined to lead an intellectually productive life.

  84. Student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, majoring in Communications, intern, social media analyst, emcee, computer technician, runner, surfer, and big brother. Looking to further increase my knowledge and experience in everything I get my hands on.

  85. Great post. A 9 to 5er looking to get out by starting a online business. Currently following the Internet Business Mastery way to escape the 9 to 5 to live the life of my dreams.

  86. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. This is the most brilliant marketing effort since Twitter … i mean that’s the ultimate marketing machine, but this strategy is so awesome. Watch for the copy-cat Linkedin strategy, should be interesting.

  87. I own an HD video production & post-production company called Parc Entertainment. I’m a writer, director, and cinematographer. We pride ourselves as storytellers, and work hard to creatively capture the main selling points of any business or non-profit. Whether its on TV, the web, on DVD, or any other outlet we can make it happen. Think of us as your creative playground.

  88. Our company can provide you with the best possible telephony applications and voice services. We know the demands of small and large companies, and ensure we provide the best working solution possible for each of our customers. Please follow us on Twitter.

  89. b2b marketing and supply chain experience; currently layed-off (as of 12/15/08) – contemplating whether I should work as an independent contractor for b2b small biz companies; passionate about marketing, social media

  90. Time to kill this! I have had four update messages and the only add has been the last anonymous post (251).


  91. Well Jim, maybe for Christmas someone will show you how to read to the bottom of the e-mail, where it tells you how to block further notifications.

    Have a wonderful holiday. Keep smiling!

  92. Sorry, John, sent back an email to you.

    What passes over your head, anon moussie, is that phantom notifications are not what should be happening and I do want legitimate updates, not ghost ones.

    Does that clear it up for you?

    Or need I use fourth-grade language?

  93. Hi John, I’m a writer & Social Media Evangelist – and I have a wry sense of humor so tweets are generally amusing. Promise: no tweets about what I’ve eaten unless I’ve been hospitalized for food poisoning

  94. I’m a radio/media personality in Honolulu. My feed is the 411 for my site: music news updates, details on interview podcasts, video & audio posts in my blog, & much more. Happy New Year.

  95. I work from home in Brighton, UK, designing, producing, modelling and selling clothes. Im 100% married to my work and hopefully we will grow old together.

  96. I am individual that is interested in all kinds of freebies on the web, so I made a website dedicated to the affiliate marketing side of freebies, then made a blog that posts everyday freebies all over the net.

  97. Once had a passion for eBay, ran a site that reported on the Powersellers, but now I’m just another eBay curmudgeon trying to find his way back to something profitable online.

  98. Love helping people achieve their goals acquiring their dream home. Bring me great satisfaction! Homeownership provides immediate benefits and long term value. It is an investment in one’s future. With interest rates so low 4.5 – 5% everyone enjoys the ability to buy the home of their dreams instead of settling for less.
    REALTOR in Baton Rouge, LA Helping people achieve their dreams!

  99. John… this is a great tool for meeting relevant twitterbuds. Twitter is my greatest and most effective SN tool. Has led to several new clients within the last 90 days.

  100. Really puzzled and curious about this current social-marketing trend.Wannabe marketers following other wannabee marketers 🙂 Me ? I´m building a boat while quietly minding my own business.

  101. Canada’s leading lifestyle brand known around the world for its quality leather goods, active athletic wear and accessories. One more way we’re connecting with our customers!

  102. Hi, I am Lohith working as Search Marketing Specialist.
    After long time I decided to have twitter account.
    Just researching to brand B2B website through twitter as 60% of SEO work has been done to my client’s B2B website.

    I am even checking other twitter tools.

  103. Sorry I just made a mistake.Instead of putting twitter ID I inserted my url. Now You can follow me.

    I have been talking about google analytics, SEO, PPC and SMO. If you update your information on Search marketing follow my twitter

  104. I talk about making money from home the legit way! I also talk about squidoo and my other blogs! I post about many different things!

  105. Kind of new to twitter but looking forward to witnessing its alleged powers. Marketing my new website for lawyers and law students. Good luck to everyone!

  106. 314 is not working click this one Launching Goal is to be the craigslist for Small Towns.

  107. My biggest draw is original content that I publish to twitter. Replies and retweets are fine, yet in moderation.

    Having original material always gets re-tweets adds.

  108. So Twitter is awesome for Taking traffic to you website . It is very
    simple to setup and its a fun positive way to keep in contact with
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  110. Our twitter site really gives thermal and mechanicaal engineers links to tutorials on how to do thermal design better. We also feature information on our firm, ATS of course.

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  112. I agree with some points here.
    i think this is some late reading..but, ey i liked the post

    Thanks for the post.

  113. hey. this great news. turned out to be this neat little business video directory, with options for all small businesses here in denmark. i have to write to them to advertise more here, so that people can make it more visible and user firendly etc. great design work too. nice work kantabiz.


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