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One of my favorite referral marketing strategies involves forming a network of businesses that can help your clients and formally finding ways to refer those providers when your client needs them.

So, the electrician has a handy list that includes a plumber, heating contractor, roofer, landscaper and anything else his clients need. Then, since they already trust him, they trust whoever he refers.

Now, let’s add blogging to the mix. What if you were an accountant and you started a “Small Business Survival” blog and invited your most trusted advisors to author blog posts on ideas that pertained to their expertise. You would cover taxes and accounting and you would invite a marketing pro, lawyer, financial planner, computer technician and executive coach to add content with you.

Your target market gets the benefit of great content and you and your referral network become the preferred small business resource. Oh, and I’ll bet you can get the home town business paper to write a story on this unique marketing approach.

Most of the blogging software allows for multiple authors. The Professional version or TypePad does this quite well and still allows you to maintain control of the blog.


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