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Most agency owners think they have to have more resources, more money, and more free time if they want to scale their practice.

 They end up spreading themselves way too thin, bending over backwards trying to retain
clients, and struggling to land larger engagements. 

If you want to grow your practice, it doesn't have to be that hard. And you can do it without adding any additional overhead costs—if you have the right systems in place. 

We've distilled over 30 years of work into this system to help people like yourself scale their marketing practice.

In this video, I share the simple 3-Step Framework that has generated over $100M in profitable billings for marketing agencies, fractional CMOS, and consultants just like you.

Learning this 3-Step Framework will give you the power to;

  • Convert more high-quality leads to retainer clients
  • Take back control over your agency and life
  • Stop implementing and start delegating
  • Position you as a trusted advisor to your clients 
  • Scale to exponential profit and growth

Hi, I'm John Jantsch, a small business marketing expert, bestselling author and founder of Duct Tape Marketing and the Duct Tape Marketing System.

When I first started my own marketing agency, I found that I enjoyed working with small businesses the most, but boy, they were frustrating,

They had the same challenges and problems as much larger organizations but never the same budget, attention span, or anything really.

Finally, I had enough. I decided that I needed to create a systematic and problem-driven approach; I developed the full-proof marketing system that could be applied to any type of business with ease and called it Duct Tape Marketing.

To my surprise, what I tapped into while trying to solve my frustration was also the greatest frustration for most small and mid-sized businesses. That is, it is very hard to buy marketing services, especially today. Everybody's
selling the tactic of the week or the trending idea, and it's tough for a business owner to know what to do.

In a matter of months, I started working less and earning more. I was generating more leads than ever before, working with ideal clients, and being leaned on as a trusted advisor, not a vendor. I even started getting calls from other agencies asking how I was doing it.

I know how many agency owners struggle to grow and create more income, impact, and independence in their lives.

And I also know what it takes to run a profitable marketing agency earning 7, 8, and 9 figures a year. I want to show you how too

What others are saying...

Brilliantly practical method of marketing

"Duct Tape Marketing is a brilliantly practical method of marketing that puts strategy before tactics."

James Bosma - Lift Communications

Myrna Schommer

The Duct Tape Marketing approach

"Even though I’m experienced in many aspects of marketing, the Duct Tape Marketing approach has me re-thinking and systematizing my complete business."

Myrna Schommer - Artesa Marketing

"John Jantsch is the Peter Drucker of Small Business Marketing tactics"

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Learn the framework that has generated over $100M in profitable billings for agencies worldwide!