What’s the Future of Online Advertising

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Not long ago, on this blog, I pointed out a story about Microsoft’s intentions of moving about 95% of their ad dollars online.

The future of online advertising is taking shape in fits and starts. Ad agencies are receiving mandates from their clients to “figure it out.” Agency spin offs focused on “digital media” are cropping up everywhere.

If you’re one of those folks that needs to “figure it out” then I would suggest attending the Future of Online Advertising conference being held June 7-8 in New York. The two day event features experts in online ads, video ads, creative, ad networks, click fraud, search advertising, and social networks. Chas Edwards of Federated Media, the organization that handles the ads on this blog, is one of the featured speakers.

The conference is produced by Carson Systems. The cost of the program is about $800 – but, the good news is Ryan Carson has given me 5 free passes. If you would like to earn one of those passes all you have to do is answer by way of comment on this post this question. (5 best answers, judged by me, win)

What is the best way for businesses to take advantage of video in marketing and advertising online? Feel free to cite examples using YouTube and other video sharing sites. Make sure you leave your email in your comment so I can contact you.


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