What's In a Name These Days?

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The name of a business is an essential marketing decision and certainly should be considered in that vein.

Conventional wisdom, from a marketing point of view, is that a name should evoke either a telling description or some essence of the brand. I guess at the very least it shouldn’t confuse or be wasted. Jantsch Communications, Inc is less of a marketing based name then, say, Duct Tape Marketing.

Today however, there are some other considerations that must be built into the business naming process.

1) Is the name or a reasonable substitute available as a domain name?
2) Does the name contain search engine friendly keywords?

With search becoming one of the primary ways that small business products and services are discovered, some thought must be given to maximizing a company name with that name’s search value in mind.

Many of the local directories such as Google Maps give high marks to search terms in company names. So, while it might be more creative to come up with an emotive name like Google, for instance, it might be much more practical to name your business Tucson Small Business Search Engine Specialist – or something of that nature.

The trick these days is to strike the right balance of creativity, descriptive qualities, uniqueness and SEO when naming your company.



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