What’s A Blog Times 9?

I have created what may be the worlds first Blog Channel here at Duct Tape Marketing.

The Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel is tightly integrated group 9 very specific niche small business topic blogs woven around the entire small business marketing picture -a blog times 9. A small business expert noted for their topic authors each of the blogs.

When you visit the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel, you can start your visit at a blog about branding, public relations or advertising and then simply flip the channel changer above to see what’s playing over at innovation, business life or customer service. Need some sales or Internet marketing tips? Click the channel changer again.

The Blog Channel promises to deliver a totally unique experience by acting much like a personal marketing tips aggregator or one-stop small business marketing blog space.

You can jump into the channel by visiting the Duct Tape Marketing Blog Channel Guide or by visiting one of the individual blogs channel partners listed below.

You may also subscribe to the entire Blog Channel via an RSS feed and read updates from each blog in your RSS reader of choice.

Take some time to get to know this group of bloggers. I know you will be glad you did.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this concept. Post those comments!


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