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Better yet…what if there was a way to have your best clients
selling hard for you 24/7?

Testimonials from satisfied, no make that thrilled, clients
are one of the best ways to supplement your marketing

They are believable and provide the reader with a perspective
from what is likely from their point of view. In other words,
the reader thinks, “well that person, who had the same problem I
have, got results, so it must work.”

A recent Internet technology development offers a very
interesting new approach to this powerful strategy. I found
and now use a service called [url=http://members.audiogenerator.com/specialinfo.asp?x=58993]Audio Generator.[/url]

You can check it out here:

Essentially, what Audio Generator does (without attempting to
understand or explain the technology behind it) is allows
anyone to add audio to their website or even email. Now,
audio alone is not necessarily new, but the ease with which
you can add this audio, and the fact that a person visiting
your site doesn’t need to have or download any type of player,
is what makes this different.

But…what I love is how they have set this up to be a killer
testimonial machine. When you sign-up for the service you
get an 800#. Simply give that 800# to your clients and let
them call in and record their message. Once they do, you
go back to the site, pick up a little bit of code, and presto
their voice (singing your praises) is on your website.

So far my experience in working with my clients is that busy
people are more inclined to give you a real testimonial if
all they need to do is call an 800# and speak. Have you ever
had to twist arms to get someone to actually write a testimonial?
Of course, there is nothing stopping you from transcribing
those recorded testimonials and using them in all of your
printed marketing materials as well.

Now as you might imagine, people are also using Audio
Generator to explain various services, introduce new products,
and even walk visitors through filling out a form too, but
my favorite way to use it is for testimoials. You can even
send audio postcards.

Visit [url=https://ducttapemarketing.com]Duct Tape Marketing[/url] to see a very simple
way I employ this technology. Then make sure you visit
[url=http://members.audiogenerator.com/specialinfo.asp?x=58993]Audio Generator.[/url]to find out more about how
others are using it.


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