What If Your Guarantee Was Astonishing?

What If Your Guarantee Was Astonishing?

What If Your Guarantee Was Astonishing?

By John Jantsch

The use of a guarantee as a way to reduce a potential buyer’s risk has long been employed by savvy marketing people.

In some circles, a guarantee has become a required aspect of the sales process.

But, what if you did more. What if you created a guarantee that did far more than simply warranty satisfaction or guarantee “risk-free” shopping.

What if you created a guarantee that was astonishing?

What’s an astonishing guarantee? It’s one that makes you nervous – and that’s the point.

If you could create and communicate a guarantee that nobody in your industry would even consider, you would automatically have two very powerful things going for you.

  1. A core marketing message that would differentiate you from your competition
  2. A forced focus on delivering excellence and winning loyal, repeat customers

An astonishing guarantee turns heads – “Try our service for 90 days and if we don’t perform exactly as promised we will double your money back.”

An astonishing guarantee generates buzz – “They promised what?”

An astonishing guarantee creates a mission – “Okay, troops, there’s only one job – happy clients – What needs fixing?”

What could you promise that no one else would dream of? That’s the start of an astonishing guarantee.

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