What Becomes a Marketing Champion Most?

What Becomes a Marketing Champion Most?

What Becomes a Marketing Champion Most?

By John Jantsch

Roy Young, the director of strategy and development at MarketingProfs.com and co-author of the book Marketing Champions – Practical strategies for improving marketing’s power, influence and business impact, stopped by the Duct Tape Marketing podcast to share his insights on this notion of marketing champions.

Young and co-authors Allen Weiss and David Stewart demonstrate that marketing is both underutilized and underappreciated and that something has got to be done about it. I agree, most organizations, big and small, underestimate the fact that they are essentially marketing businesses – no matter what they really offer.

Marketing Champions gives marketers tools, including a compass, to create more valuable marketing and, perhaps equally important, to measure, communicate and champion the true impact marketing delivers for the organization.

Check out this article written by Young on the MarketingProfs site – Are You a Marketing Champion?

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