Welcome message from John Jantsch

That makes things official - welcome to the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network! We are so excited to have you as part of the community. The Duct Tape Marketing team will be in touch soon with your onboarding steps. In the meantime, if any questions come up, please feel free to reach out here.

One of our consultants recently shared about her experience in her first two months with us, we hope you experience an impactful time as part of our community as well:

Myrna Schommer

"I can’t say enough about first two months of training—it’s far exceeded my initial expectations. Even though I’m experienced in many aspects of marketing, the Duct Tape Marketing approach has me re-thinking and systematizing my complete business. As a result, I’ve restructured my offerings and pricing, systematized my internal processes, and developed partnerships that give me the confidence to sell and market my business in such a way that prospective (and current) clients see instant value." - Myrna Begnel