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Do you want to know how to obtain the fastest, cheapest, most reliable
marketing research on the planet? Google AdWords.

Most people know you can sell your wares with AdWords, but I have
used it very effectively to get information as well.

I simply place ads for keyword or concepts I want to know more about,
and then when an interested party clicks the ad they are sent to a
specifically designed landing page that asks them one very tightly
defined question such as…

“What’s the one thing you want to know more about X?”

I usually offer them something for their time, such as a summary
or answers to all the questions.

It’s amazing how powerful this can be when you are trying to write
a sales letter or create a product. The hard work in marketing is
always identifying what people want…once you know that, giving
it to them isn’t really that hard.

Another thing I like about this research is the participants are very
highly qualified and really represent the people I am looking for. They
searched for a term, click on an ad, and took the time to tell me how
to sell them…in their own words.

In about week, for $10 bucks, you can have the greatest marketing
research on the planet.


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  1. You are so right about doing your due diligence with AdWords. A friend recently scoffed at the notion of pre-publication homework, so we tested two similar products. I used AdWords to get reader feedback, and he did not. My product sales reached $900+ last month (second month) while he has sold only one $19.95 infoproduct. A coincidence? Maybe. But racing out spending money on products to sell or zillions of hours writing ebooks or whatever, without doing homework first, is foolish. Ask me how I know? 🙂

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