Ultimate Marketing System Lessons

Ultimate Marketing System Lessons

The Duct Tape Marketing Ultimate Marketing System Includes 5 modules packed Full With 13 Lessons

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Lesson #1: Discover Your Ideal Target Market
In this guide we introduce the concept of “Strategy Before Tactics.” We’ll start by asking you to analyze and benchmark your current client base with an eye on identifying your “Ideal Client.”  Once you discover your ideal target market or markets, you must define them in a way that is very easy to understand.  You then must begin to communicate this definition to everyone in your firm, your bank, you vendors, and those you network with, so that they can clearly understand who else might benefit from your services.

Lesson #2: Creating a Unique Core Message
In this guide we will focus even on the discovery and communication of a core point of differentiation that informs and drives every tactical aspect of your marketing.  We commit to things we believe in and companies that get that make their entire marketing about purpose instead of product.  We will focus on making your well communicated sense of purpose a major part of your point of differentiation.  We will then wrap things up on focusing on defining, molding and communicating your culture in ways that support a positive brand experience in order to create a very powerful source of business.

Lesson #3: Brand and Identity
When it comes to your business, a properly executed identity can set the expectation for your client or potential client’s experience with your firm.  In this guide, we will work on developing more than just your logo or company name, and dive into the entire scope of elements that we fit under the heading of style.  Every time a client or potential client comes into contact with your firm he/she is experiencing your firm’s brand or style.  By covering the all the elements described in this guide, you will be on your way to ensuring that these interactions will be in support of your company’s image as opposed to detracting from it.

Lesson #4: The Marketing Hourglass
The central element of the Duct Tape Marketing System is something we call The Marketing Hourglass. The hourglass shape informs the emphasis on creating a total customer experience as opposed to simply going out and generating leads. The steps in the Hourglass – know, like, trust, try, buy, repeat and refer will be linked to specific actions or processes in your business designed to move prospects and clients logically down the path of the Hourglass.

Lesson #5: Content That Builds Trust and Educates
Marketing today is more about being found and less about going out and hunting. In today’s online, socially enabled world the currency of being found is content. Clients expect to find lots of information when they search and in this guide we’ll help you create your plan for consistently producing the kind of content that builds trust, educations and gets you found.

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Lesson #6: Creating a Total Web Presence
It is no longer enough to consider your Web site enough as an online marketing tool, it’s got to stand up and practically beg people to interact with it. In this guide we will discuss the various tools and tactics needed to take full advantage of the online buyer and social media participant.

Lesson #7: Search Engine Marketing
Getting your business found by Internet surfers is one of the most important reasons for creating a web site.  It is a good idea to learn a thing or two about search engine optimization (SEO) but the good news is the typical small business only needs to focus on three things to greatly improve their chances for showing up in search results for key phrases.  In this guide we will not only go into detail about the three most important things to SEO, but we will also provide you with an SEO toolbox to help you get ahead in the search game.

Lesson #8: How to Win in Local Search
Local prospects and customers use the Web to find local businesses – everything from legal services to shoes. Positioning your business to be found by those local buyers can be the difference between surviving and thriving. In this guide we’ll show you how to dominate in the local search game by following a well thought out 5-step process.

Lesson #9: Advertising for Guaranteed Results
Advertising is one of the legs of the “Lead Generation Trio” and while it is potentially one of the more expensive items in the marketing budge it still plays key role in our system. In this guide you’ll learn how to integrate your advertising spend with your content strategy to get the greatest return on investment.

Lesson #10: Referral Marketing and Strategic Partnering
Referral marketing is the second leg of the trio and when understood properly, it will allow you to take a proactive view of referral generation as opposed to simply relying on chance mixed with good work. In this guide you will learn to build a referral engine for your business by implementing referral processes and campaigns to amplify your refer ability and by keeping referrals generation top of mind for your customers, partners and staff.

Lesson #11: Public Relations in Real time
The third leg to the trio, Public Relations, can produce some of the most credible lead generation results when used in conjunction with the other two legs.  From a trust standpoint few things beat the mention of your firm by what is seen as an unbiased 3rd party.  In this guide you will find specific information about how to create and format a PR toolbox to act as a systematic approach to PR generation.

Lesson #12: Turning Leads into Customers
Many small business owners dislike the idea of selling. The good news is that when you install and operate the Duct Tape Marketing System, you’ll find that your prospects will be sold in some cases before your first meeting. In this session we’ll show you the steps involved in turning an educated prospect into a paying customer.

Lesson #13: Putting it All Together and Keeping Score
For our final wrap-up guide, we’ll cover a lot of ground to make sure you move on with a firm foundation and plan of action to make everything we’ve covered in the Ultimate Marketing System come to life in your business over the next few months. We will work on setting vision along with tactical goals and creating a marketing tracking gauge in order to aggressively track your marketing progress.  We will also cover the importance of maintaining a marketing budget and living by a set calendar that acts as a visual marketing project management system.

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