TypePad Hacks

If you blog using TypePad then you should bookmark John Unger’s site called TypePad Hacks.

In addition to some great tips and tricks to get more out of your TypePad blog or learn those user discovered applications that even the folks at TypePad don’t know about, you can tap into an increasingly passionate group of user focused on one thing – making a product better by joining voices.

This trend of exerting “user power” to get companies to better understand what their users want, need and value is one that is hard to ignore. If TypePad is smart they will tap into this free field user research to make an even better product.

I think TypePad is listening. John shared this note from Six Apart VP Anil Dash:

“I wanted to make sure you know that all of us at Six Apart are keeping an eye on the items you’ve been discussing, and that the TypePad team in particular is excited that you’ve got such energy to help us make the service be as great as we all want it to be.” Anil Dash, VP, Six Apart


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