TypePad Adds Web Page Creation to the Mix

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TypePad, one of my favorite blog creation tools just added a killer (yet, why did it take so long) feature called Pages.

The Pages feature allows you to create your entire web site using the TypePad system. You create your blog, polish your template, add the widgets and features you want, and start posting content. Then you come back and hit the Pages button in your admin panel and start adding pages for your products, services, people, processes, and whatever your site needs using the same editing and uploading tools built into TypePad. Your pages will all carry the template look and features you’ve already designed.

Truth is, you’ve always been able to do this if you could code, but now it’s dead simple and anyone who can type can create and edit your web pages.

So, is it a blog or is it a web site – further evidence that it’s about the content, it’s about the connection, it’s about the community – who cares what you call it.


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