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I know toolbars aren’t that cutting edge but recently Google and
Alexa updated their toolbar kits to include some very useful things.
Oh and did I mention they are free.

A toolbar for those who haven’t used one is a little menu bar that
docs right into your browser. Google is the king of search engines
and Alexa is the king of measuring traffic and other website stats.

The [url=]Google[/url] Toolbar allows
you to view the page rank or Google’s idea of page quality pertaining
to a subject. This is a great tool if you are looking for high quality link
partners. But…it also kills popups and automatically fills in forms with
any amount of data you wish. Don’t you get tired of filling in all that
stuff. It allows you to do custom searchs – just within a country or
just within a site.

The [url=] Alexa[/url] Toolbar allows
you to gain instant access to how a site ranks based on traffic. What
other sites are linked to the site and what other sites people who visit that site also visit. Again great information to have if you are looking for to
make your site more useful, more searched, and more linked…all things
small business owners need to do.
another great way to


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