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Yahoo and Google accountsIt seems like I log in to dozens of accounts all day as I market my business, use online and social media tools and participate in social networking communities.

Although it may feel like I bounce from place to place it finally dawned on me that most of my online business needs are increasingly met with just two accounts. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but I do know you must have access to the tools housed in these two places if you want to play in today’s online world.

Google – gmail, Goodle docs, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Feedburner, AdWords, Analytics, Alerts

Yahoo – delicious, flickr, mybloglog, stumbleupon, upcoming

So, when one of these two buys, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and WordPress we may see a single sign on for life.


delicious, docs, Flickr, Google, reader, stumbleupon, Web 2.0, Yahoo

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  1. I for one, hope that neither one buys any of those sites. Maybe I just think they are getting a little too big.

    The other option would be for Google or Yahoo to accept openID, but I doubt that will happen.

  2. I think you nailed it! I am running into the same question and find I get more done for anything between google and yahoo. The openID idea would be great for both or even using Google’s Open Social to make things work smoothly.

    And cute idea on the hypothetical purchase crossings. I hope the government doesn’t get involved in that one (j/k).

    Thanks for the post.

  3. @Adam – yes Open ID works well for and, by the way, I wasn’t saying this was so much a good thing as acknowledging it’s a reality.

    When the government gets involved we will just have an eyeball scan to log in or something.

  4. I disagree (a little tongue in cheek). I don’t use any of the Yahoo tools listed. No particular idealogical reason or anything, I just don’t think I have any use for them. Hasn’t slowed me down one bit 😉 Google’s tools on the other hand I use all the time.

  5. That would be nice if there was some form of consolidation as I have waaaay too many logins I keep up in my noodle.

    Of course, don’t you kind of feel important having a separate login for so many sites? 🙂

  6. Take a look at Google sites gives me a vision for internal wiki use that makes me giddy. I also like the ‘homebase’ of a domain connected address as opposed to the anonymous gmail and yahoo for my serious contacts.

  7. If the Department of Justice settles it suit against Google / Yahoo for their joint marketing agreement (or perhaps regardless of the outcome of that regulatory action), I think it is likely yahoo and google will further collaborate. A cross platform sign-in between google and yahoo makes a ton of sense (absent DOJ antitrust concerns).

  8. Right now, a lot of people either have a google or yahoo account. I can’t imagine the world today without those two account. With the new app from google like the searchwiki shows the future of search and online.

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