Twitter for Business Live Webinar
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Twitter for Business Live Webinar

Twitter for Business Live Webinar

By John Jantsch

I get a lot of requests for more information about how businesses are using the hot social media Twitter for business.

Chris BroganSo, I’m teaming up with social media rockstar, Chris Brogan, to present a live webinar called aptly – Twitter for Business. We will cover basics, strategies, tips, tools and tactics for business folks wanting to explore and enhance the use of this powerful networking and publishing tool.

The session is Thursday, Dec 11th, Noon CST and you can register here at the Duct Tape Webinar Center

I have also recently partnered with iLinc Web and Video Conference for all my webinars (thus the commercial message below) – while at my webinar center you might want to click on the system test tab to make sure you won’t have any issues logging in on the day of webinar. iLinc is very light weight from a user standpoint and both mac and PC friendly. As part of the iLinc sponsorship they have offered to host a totally optional demo at the end of this session for anyone who would like to take a test drive of the system – again, totally optional.

iLinc Web and Video ConferencingThis episode of the Duct Tape Coaching Excellence Series is brought to you by iLinc – Web and Video Conferencing that’s easy to use, affordable and powerful enough to make your online meetings come to life.

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