The Post Office is a Small Business Resource

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In recent years the good old United States Post Office has
discovered a little concept called customer service. Now,
competition can do that to an organization, but I think the
Post Office has responded nicely and turned itself into a
valuable resource for small businesses.

One of the latest innovations is an online service that allows
you to design business reply cards and envelopes (BRC and
BRE) suitable for printing.

The very precise process of creating these automated
mailing tools used to be very tedious. Now you can visit
ReplyMail and create one in several simple steps. You will
need a permit for most but you acquire that online as well.

Business reply (the sender pays the return postage) can
dramatically increase response rates for certain types of
mailing promotions. I like to use it whenever I am trying
to drive inquires for information or samples.


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