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The Duct Tape Marketing Textbook

The Duct Tape Marketing Textbook

By John Jantsch

Book shipping in full swing and already the reader comments have been very humbling. I love all the big name testimonials and media coverage that can come with a project like this, but when a small business owner, one I’ve never met, takes the time to send a note saying something I’ve shared is changing the way they think about business and renewing the hope they have for their dream, well, that pretty gratifying. (I’ll share some of these soon.)

We peaked at #5 on Amazon this weekend and are still hanging around the top 5 for marketing books.

I did an interview with Wall Street Radio This Morning that should air this week on its radio network around the country.

Lastly, the image in this post is a marketing class at Lewis-Clark State College in Lewiston, ID happily sporting their textbook for the semester. Note the one neatly covered in duct tape for safe marketing learning. Thanks to instructor Brian Kolstad for the shot.

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