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Social media for small businessA week or so ago I publicized my partnering with Microsoft Office Live Small Business to produce a primer on using social media for small business.

While readers appreciated the guide there were many comments on the post that didn’t appreciate the process of registering and logging in to the Microsoft Live ID system in order to download the ebook. In a demonstration that social media works – a conversation was started and the course was altered because of it – you can now download the free ebook without registration or login. Way to go crowd – way to go Microsoft!

In my ongoing effort to help small businesses understand, prioritize and use social media tools, I teamed with Microsoft Office Live Small Business on a new very practical e-book called LetÒ€ℒs Talk: Social Media for Small Businesses. It is available for frictionless download here


Microsoft Office Live Small Business

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  1. John, the wisdom of crowds is deep and far reaching. I applaud your fast turnaround on this. If only we all could learn to listen that way.

    I’m practicing, but sometimes…I barrell ahead with “my” thoughts…and only realize afterwards that if I’d been silent a bit longer, I would have learned a lot more.

  2. Thanks John, that was the exact reason I didn’t download it, too much hassle, if you hadn’t offered as it is now we would have both missed out!

  3. Generous solutions for your readers. I did get the book with the first try, but I could empathize with the people who were uncomfortable with the download. There is much to learn about social media and about making it work.

  4. This is great — I got lost in the friction the first time I downloaded it. Something froze up w/the MS sign-in process — go figure. I appreciate the friendly download and I look forward to giving it a read. It’s nice to see MS “get it” enough to offer this option. I’m sure this is a big step for them πŸ™‚

  5. Nice follow up and follow through both on Microsoft’s part and yours. I did go through the process the first time around and downloaded the book. Good, useful read, worth a little friction (to me). I’ve the link on to others who have also given me good feedback.

  6. Yeah having to log in just to download an ebook is a pain in the butt! Glad to see that the small people have a voice and it was heard!

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