The 100% Refund Referral Strategy
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The 100% Refund Referral Strategy

The 100% Refund Referral Strategy

By John Jantsch

One of the most powerful referral marketing strategies I have ever
used in working with my clients is something I call the 100% Refund.

The premise is very simple but the positioning makes all the difference
in the world.

Basically, what you are doing is paying people for referrals…but try this
on for size. Would you be more motivated by this statement I will pay
you $179 for four referrals – or this one – If you send me four referrals
that become clients you can earn a 100% refund on your purchase today.

The result is the same, but the impact in the ears and eyes of the client
is staggeringly different.

Here’s why:
1) It’s simple to understand – 100% = free
2) It’s a game – 4 referrals and I win
3) It can become your entire marketing position – You become the 100%
refund people
4) Those that come to you by way of the game will already know the rules
– It’s like you own little viral network.

Hey, that’s the power of referral marketing and this is just one example of
the over 50 or so that are contained in my book Referral Flood – How to
generate a flood of new business without spending one dime on

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