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2 Join Me for the White Paper Success Summit

White Paper Success Summit 2010I am very excited to be a part of the White Paper Success Summit 2010: This live online event is packed with speaker after speaker focused on showing you the best ways to attract quality leads and grow your business with educational white papers.

The world’s leading white paper experts will show you how. Join Michael Stelzner (author, Writing White Papers), Bob Bly (author, White Paper Marketing Handbook), Brian J. Carroll (author, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale), Jill Konrath (author, Selling to Big Companies), Roger C. Parker (author, White Paper Design that Sells), Joe Pulizzi (author, Get Content Get Customers), Ardath Albee (author, eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale), Jonathan Kantor (author, Crafting White Paper 2.0) and me! Attend from your home or office. Tickets half-off until Jan. 6th. Go here and check out the free summit video

Once other presenters show you how to craft a killer white paper, I’m going to show you how to Get Other Businesses to Promote it for you. Wouldn’t be great if you could enlist an army of businesses to voluntarily put your white paper in the hands of their customers and prospects? In my session I’ll share my step-by-step approach for enlisting strategic referral partners who will take advantage of and leverage your white paper.

This is an event worth investing in and yes the links in this post are affiliate links – I’ve got to eat you know.

69 7 Steps to Creating a Winning Coaching, Consulting or Service Business

WinningLots of folks are joining the ranks of “business owner” as a career path these days. Some by design and some, unfortunately, because they have little choice. Many of these business owners are choosing to open up coaching, consulting and service businesses in part because it’s so darn easy to do. The barrier to entry is sometimes little more than printing up some business cards.

Now, I’m not suggesting that people who start these kinds of business don’t have incredible experience and expertise to offer, far from it. But, because it is so easy to start a business offering consulting, it’s more important than ever that you find a way to differentiate your coaching and consulting business so prospects can understand your unique experience and expertise.

The following seven steps offer a road map for creating a winning practice.

1) Turn your service into a product – selling services is a little like selling air. By making your offerings more productlike you can create something tangible while your competitors continue to offer solutions driven, customer centric services. Give your services a name – install your solution – offer a set deliverable, with set outcomes at a set price and watch how easy it becomes to explain and sell. The other advantage of a packaged program offering with a set price is that it allows you to rise above the hourly wage. When you sell your time you are capped and compared, when you sell a product or program, you are free to sell the value of the program without regard for the cost that goes into making it. As you become more effective at delivering your program you create the greatest path for getting paid on value delivered rather than hours input.

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17 Still a Fan of the Magazine

Business WeekI don’t know what it is really, I can get all the info I could possibly cram into my brain right there on my phone, but I still subscribe to lots of magazines.

I suppose there are psychological reasons attached to this, but there are some very practical ones as well. I tend to read much longer articles in this format and also find that I discover things in printed magazines that I don’t always run across online.

I’ve read Business Week, FastCompany, Inc, Wired, and Entrepreneur for years and hope I can continue to do so. I also subscribe to Website magazine and Target Market. By the way, you can get four weeks of Business Week and subscriptions to Website and Target Market as well as a host of industry specific magazines and white papers free of charge here though an affiliation I have with TradePub.

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