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10 Google Update Some YouTube Functions

I’m always urging marketers to start using more video in their marketing efforts. Showing customer success stories and profiling your staff, products and offices, are great ways to help prospects and customers connect and build trust.

YouTube is a great resource for this because you can use this free tool to host, stream and create the player for your website, making about half of the hurdle to using video a no brainer.

When you upload your video to YouTube, the service converts just about any format to web friendly flash and then gives you code to put on your site so the video can be viewed by your visitors.

Recently, YouTube added some more options to this tool that allow you to set the player color and size and really customize the look and feel for your site.

They also slipped in a Google Search bar across the top of the video so your visitors have the ability to search YouTube right from your the video you are showing. There may be some instances in which this makes sense, but not for most people just wanting to use Google to host their promotional video. Fortunately, it’s not very hard to get rid of this function with some code.

In addition, the default YouTube setting allows viewers on your site to see what Google thinks are related videos to your video. Again, I can’t think of many cases where you would need or want this function enabled.

Once you grab the code YouTube provides you can add two little bits of code to eliminate the related videos function and the search function. If you use the “rel” attribute it will eliminate the search as well, but if you would like to keep the related function but get rid of search, use the show search attribute.

param name="rel" value="0"
param name="showsearch" value="0"

This image shows the added customization functions you can select before you grab your embed code.

12 Two Accounts You Must Have to Play

Yahoo and Google accountsIt seems like I log in to dozens of accounts all day as I market my business, use online and social media tools and participate in social networking communities.

Although it may feel like I bounce from place to place it finally dawned on me that most of my online business needs are increasingly met with just two accounts. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but I do know you must have access to the tools housed in these two places if you want to play in today’s online world.

Google – gmail, Goodle docs, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Feedburner, AdWords, Analytics, Alerts

Yahoo – delicious, flickr, mybloglog, stumbleupon, upcoming

So, when one of these two buys, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and WordPress we may see a single sign on for life.

18 Your Favorite Web Things

The managing editor of a publication asked me to identify my favorite web tools for small business and I thought that sounded like a tremendous thing to ask you too.

Give me your top 5 favorite websites or tools.

web tools

Here’s mine at the minute!

  1. Google Reader – read all my favorite blogs on my mobile browser
  2. Friend Feed – see and search the social activities of my community in real time (you can even know what music I listened to today)
  3. Jott – record phone message and have it sent as email message to myself or my contacts
  4. del.icio.us – great source of content ideas and view into what’s popular today
  5. Google Analytics – I’m hooked on those page overlays

1 Webware showcases great web tools

Webware 100Webware , a cnet site, that publishes coverage on all things Web 2.0, hosts a competition to spotlight 100 of the best web applications. The contest, called the Webware 100, breaks the categories up into things like audio, content, mobile, browsers and productivity.

Visit here to cast your votes. I point this out for two reasons, a couple of my favs are the lists (hint: NetBooks and Jott – go vote for them!) and I think this is a great place to learn about tools and services that you may have not as yet encountered. Webware does a nice job ongoing of uncovering new services and apps too.

11 Search Engine Guide’s Marketing Conference

The team behind Search Engine Guide are presenting a marketing conference aimed at bringing small business up to speed on a variety of online marketing tactics. Scheduled for April, 2008 in Houston, Texas, the Small Business Marketing Unleashed conference will offer up education, networking and a little bit of fun. Check it out at UnleashedConference.com Pay close attention to the party schedule!

Here’s their promo video.

Video: Search Engine Guide Conference Invite