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11 10 Marketing Tasks You Should Be Delegating

It is guest post day here at Duct Tape Marketing and today’s guest is Amy Metherell – Enjoy!

10 Marketing Tasks You Should Be Delegating_DTM

Photo credit: Krasimira Nevenova

If you’re running a business, there’s no doubt that you have a lot of marketing tasks on your plate.  Yes, there are some things that only you can do, but there are also many marketing tasks you can delegate to an assistant. Yes, you really can!

Here are 10 Marketing Tasks You Should Be Delegating

1.     Blog Management

Have you ever wanted to start guest blogging to get your name/site out there but don’t have the time to implement it? Have someone else do it.  Someone else can easily do things like research blog topics, find images for your posts, find contributors for your blog, or even write posts if you are finding yourself short on time or really don’t like writing.

Do you find it a hassle to manage your editorial calendar? Don’t even have an editorial calendar?  Have someone create one for you and then manage it.

2.     Social Media

Is there a Twitter party you think would be good to participate in but don’t have the time?  Let your assistant do it.  He or she can also create a social media strategy and track and report on the progress.

An assistant can easily post and engage with your audience on any and all social media outlets on your behalf.

3.     Event Coordination

Do you have an idea for a live or online event but no time to make it happen?  Delegate it!  An assistant can secure venues, food, speakers, sponsors, and all the logistics that come with live events such as securing sponsors, bloggers, and prizes for online events.  An assistant can also handle the marketing for that event as well as reporting after the event.

4.     Prospecting

An assistant can easily make calls to qualified leads to weed out anyone who isn’t really going to make a purchase.  This way, you only spend time talking to true leads that are more likely to lead to a sale.  An assistant can schedule those interested prospects on your calendar so all you have to do is make the calls.

5.     Market Research

An assistant can create surveys, send them out, and organize the results into usable data.  He/she can also create and manage focus groups and conduct research about your competitors and your target market.

6.     Follow Up Calls

Follow up calls can mean the difference between accomplishing a sale or not, which means they’re really important but they also take time.  Why not have an assistant do this?  He or she can remind the lead of your initial call and feel out whether it’s worth pursuing.

7.     Newsletters

Communication is core in building up a business relationship and newsletters help with this.  An assistant can create, edit, and send email newsletters for you.  Just provide an example or your ideas and let the assistant take over.  No need to spend hours of your own time on this task.

8.     Send Thank You Notes

Handwritten thank you notes tell your customers that you really care.  Have your assistant organize thank you notes to each new customer and any customers who have referred others to you.  Your customers will appreciate the thought.

9.     Email List Management

You know that huge email list you have?  It’s great that you have it, but what do you really do with it?  Have an assistant manage the list (remove bad emails, etc.) so it’s always in top shape.  He/she can also create auto-responders so you’re always in touch with your subscribers, and track and report the statistics of these campaigns.

10.    Networking

Networking is about making connections that lead to mutually beneficial relationships.  Yes, some networking you really do have to do yourself, but not all of it.  Your assistant can comment blog posts, monitor and comment on your social sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, etc.   An assistant can also research online communities for you to join as well as networking conferences to attend.

Now you know 10 marketing tasks you can delegate, so why not try it out?  Try delegating 1 task and see how it goes.  All you have to lose is that huge to-do list!

AmyMetherell_BioPhotoAmy is a Virtual Assistant who started in early 2013 by attempting to get one client on the side of her full-time job just to see if she could.  She got three at once and didn’t know whether to cry or do a happy dance.  She did the dance and “stumbled” on several more clients after that and her business has been growing steadily ever since.  Her alter ego is the ringleader of a circus (otherwise known as her family) consisting of a husband who DJs weddings, 2 rowdy kids, and a little dog, too.

4 How to Find Part Time and Intern Help and Gigs

Marketing podcast with Cari Sommer (Click to play or right click and “Save As” to download – Subscribe now via iTunes or subscribe via other RSS device (Google Listen)

Image TheNickster via Flickr

The trend towards virtual work and virtual workers has grown so large that a robust industry has developed around the location and placement of part-time, project oriented workers. Small business can and does benefit from the fact that organizations, such as Elance and Odesk or crowd sourced services such as crowdSPRING and 99Designs, can help them get some of what they need from every corner of the globe at very affordable prices.

Urban Interns, founded in 2009 by New Yorker Cari Sommer and Lauren Porat, has created a marketplace focused on connecting companies with talented candidates looking for internships, part-time jobs, freelance work and contract positions. The company was started in New York City to with a focus on interns and has grown to serve virtual and on site needs across the country.

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Calling all marketing oriented Virtual Assistants

Marketing CoachI am developing a network of virtual assistants to support the delivery of Duct Tape Marketing coaching from the Duct Tape Marketing Coach Network. I need qualified and trained virtual marketing assistants to work with my coaches and strategic partners to help implement the marketing plans and tactics required by our customers to grow their businesses.

In many cases the delivery of Duct Tape Marketing involves the need for marketing assistance in the form of copywriting, editing, simple web page maintenance, public relations activities and market research.

We would like to create and place a select group of virtual marketing assistants to work closely with our coaches on an ongoing basis helping them serve their customers.

If you are already a VA, this could be a great way for you to add a dimension to your virtual assistant practice and at the same time participate in a network that can place you with customers ready for your services.

Visit DuctTapeMarketingVA and find out the details. Training sessions begin in January for the first group of 10.

27 Could you work without a staff?

The Internet has made working, collaborating and sharing down right simple. With it many businesses are living the dream of running multi-million dollar business without any permanent staff. This magic is done increasingly at the hands of a growing world of workers known as virtual assistants. A virtual assistant is someone who is set-up to complete tasks remotely for a fee.

Some folks rely on virtual assistants to do administrative tasks such as bill paying, but virtual assistants also handle marketing tasks such as writing, research and website maintenance.

I’ve recently started outsourcing some of my marketing tasks to Erin Blaskie, a self-professed techie who provides services more like a partner than a admin.

I thought it would be great to have Erin on an episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast so small business owners could learn more about the industry as a whole. VAs are a great way for small business owners to get things done so they can focus on the strategic work of the business.

I wrote about the idea of time management and focusing on work that is the highest payoff in a recent post. I think the idea of utilizing virtual assistants goes very nicely with that thread.

Are you utilizing virtual workers? I would love to hear how it has worked and what kind of work you find you can effectively delegate in this manner.