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3 Share Your Story at the Workbench

I would love to host your audio or video story on the Duct Tape Marketing Workbench – an audio/video sharing small business community I created using KickApps.

Create a short video and tell us about your business, your passion, your ideas and upload it on the site. Once you do that you can grab some code and embed the video in a blog post or web page. It’s a super easy way to publish video and pick up a little extra publicity from the traffic that comes by the Workbench.

You can produce a very professional video or just point the webcam and talk. Either way you can upload a variety of formats so come tell us about your business in a fun and engaging way.

Here’s a example of a video posted by one of my Duct Tape Marketing Coaches – I’ve simply taken the code from the Workbench an pasted in into this blog post and ta da!

21 2008 will be the year of the personalized social business network

Look, I don’t really think that the mySpaces and Facebooks of the world are that important for the typical small business as they stand today. There may be very practical business reasons for some to actually use these and other social networks, like LinkedIn, for business gain, but most people that have jumped on the social network bandwagon have found themselves left with a “is this all there is” kind of feeling.

To those I say this, the value of the current public social networks for business folks is not what you can get out of them for gain today, but what you can learn by using them for practical gain tomorrow. That’s why SpacebookedIn makes sense for you now

The Facebooks of the world are busy teaching millions and millions of business folks how social networks work, how social networking works, how shared applications can be viral and ever-present. The real payoff in my opinion is that the wave to come after the Facebook bubble bursts is the “personalized business network.” Once everyone of your customers and prospects knows how to use what are easily replicatable social networking tools, like building profiles, sharing video and connecting based on mutual interests, your job of building your own social business network around your own very specific community of niche will get a whole lot easier.

2008 will be the year of the personalized social business network – that’s my prediction!

Think of mySpace, LinkedIn and Facebook as your labs – get in there and experiment for the future. then start planning your own personalized social business network.

8 The definition of branding – video version

I’m playing around with video blogging and using video in general in anticipation of launching my own small business social networking site called The WorkBench. (There will be more on that soon.) Here’s a post from a few days ago in video format. Let me know what you think. (I think!) You can embed this clip on your site or in your blog if you like by copying the code that comes up when you hit the steal this tab below the movie.