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21 The Organicism of Small Business Branding

sweetriot logoOrganicism is a philosophical orientation that asserts that reality is best understood as an organic whole. So, now you know I know how to use Wikipedia, but the word Organicism has such a true ring to it for the small business. Small businesses do have brands, can take full advantage of branding, but not like BigCo. A big brand can create the impact it’s after with slick ads, spokesperson celebrities and decals on NASCAR winners.

A small businesses brand is almost always experienced more organically through stories, surprises, flourishes, people and processes. It’s much more than a logo, product package, colors, and tagline. Everything the small business does is a part of who they are and that’s about as close to defining branding for the small business and you’ll get. In fact, my definition for small business branding is: the act of becoming more knowable, likable, and trustable.

I had the pleasure of visiting with Sarah Endline, CEO and founder of Sweetriot, a New York based maker of dark chocolate. Sweetriot had created a product that is growing in popularity and a brand that is expressed in every aspect of the business. Their mission, positioning, and story set the table for a unique brand, but it’s how they carry that brand message intentionally through other supporting elements that ignites the entire brand expression.

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